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Black and Gold Swirls Statement


  • Image of Black and Gold Swirls Statement
Image of Chunky Bead DIVA - Blue
Chunky Bead DIVA - Blue
Image of Chunky Bead DIVA - White/Blue
Chunky Bead DIVA - White/Blue
Image of Chunky Bead DIVA - Red
Chunky Bead DIVA - Red
Image of Chunky Pink & Green Set
Chunky Pink & Green Set
Image of Silver Layers
Silver Layers
Image of Turquoise Seeds & Beads Statement
Turquoise Seeds & Beads Statement
Image of Silver Stones Statement
Silver Stones Statement
Image of Golden Crystal Statement
Golden Crystal Statement
Image of Blue Sparkle Statement
Blue Sparkle Statement
Image of Silver Layers Statement Set
Silver Layers Statement Set
Image of Gold Ball & Chain
Gold Ball & Chain
Image of Olive Chunky Set
Olive Chunky Set
Image of DIVA Octagon
DIVA Octagon
Image of Beaded Blue
Beaded Blue
Image of Pearl & Chain DIVA Necklace
Sold out
Pearl & Chain DIVA Necklace
Image of Tortoise & White DIVA
Tortoise & White DIVA
Image of Behold DIVA Necklace
Behold DIVA Necklace
Image of Slightly Orange Pearls
Slightly Orange Pearls
Image of Crystal Eye
Crystal Eye
Image of Drop It
Drop It
Image of JazzyRae' Gift Certificate
JazzyRae' Gift Certificate
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